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Friday, December 21, 2007


Past few weeks have seen channels giving footage to either teenagers taking their own life or yet others who took somebody elses life. Tragic events either way.
The media sure ensures that these events get discussed and dissected, opinions aplenty are aired freely regarding the should and should not and how the social fabric is impacting the behavioural patterns of the haves and have nots.
Somewhere deep within a voice makes me wonder whether these are all manifestations of failed or flawed parenting. Not to say that these kids were not loved or provided a caring environment at home. Perhaps they had too much of it.
Parenting and the responsibilities associated with it have changed over the years as India and Indians have evolved..with the accenture changing from providing food & shelter + values + a little bit of education when our parents were children to the times when food & shelter were a given and the focus was on quality education with a small dose on values thrown in when we were children.
As our generation starts parenting and now that quality education too is a given..have we forgetten about values? Are nuclear families, long hours spent in getting from one place to other and even longer hours spent at work leaving little time for imparting such education? Are parents putting in the right ingredients in the so called "Quality time" with the kids? Or have we failed to move ahead with the times and change the morals from "Honesty is the best policy" to "Live and Let Live"?
I hope I find some answers before my kid turns a teenager....


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